Koza Vitamin C Booster & Ferulic Serum

Koza Vitamin C Booster & Ferulic Serum

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Is your skin ready for an antioxidant boost? Experience a power-packed serum armed with a potent blend of vitamin C and ferulic acid. L-Ascorbic Acid is a highly potent form of vitamin C, which is known to quickly lose efficacy when exposed to oxygen. The additions of vitamin E and ferulic acid not only increase its antioxidant content load, but also creates a self-stabilizing environment to preserve effectiveness, while working synergistically with vitamins B3 and B5 to provide a boost in antioxidant performance with amazing results you can see and feel. Boost your natural defense against damaging oxidation caused by pollution, toxins, and other environmental stressors with this super serum that works on multiple levels to ensure beautiful skin. The result: skin is left looking brighter, firmer and more supple.

 Key Benefits

-Antioxidants defend against free radical damage

-Increases moisture and hydration

-Helps skin appear brighter

-Improves elasticity

 Skin Concerns

-Environmentally Induced Skin Sensitivity


-Premature Aging


-Skin Dehydration

 How It Works

Antioxidants are very valuable weapons in the fight against aging. They effectively disarm environmental pollutants such as smog, smoke, and even light pollution, that could be harmful. Free radicals are unstable molecules that contain unpaired electrons. In this highly reactive state, they search their environment, looking to scavenge replacement electrons. This creates a domino effect, as free radicals steal electrons from healthy cells, creating more free radicals. When cells come in contact with damaged oxygen molecules, collagen begins to break down, and wrinkles and lines are formed. Antioxidants act as the first line of defense by neutralizing free radicals.