How I Take my at Home Workout Wear to a More Elevated Styled Datyime Look on the Go!

As a boutique owner, I clearly have a LOVE for great outfits and am inspired to be creative through fashion. But I am also a mom. And a busy one at that (as if there is a mom on this planet that has copious amounts of time on her hands). And I try my damnedest to workout daily. For me, the best way to get my workout in is to do it at home while my kiddos are at school in the morning. I love a great class, but at-home sessions suit my time and lifestyle best.

After I workout, I typically have lots of errands to run and DESPISE when I wear my workout clothes all day long, without giving em a little glow up. I sort of feel like I've been wearing pajamas all day if I stay in my same workout outfit at pickup. Part of me feeling myself and having confidence in who and what I am, is dressing the part. I also think getting dressed in a great outfit and expressing myself through clothes is a whole lotta fun.

For those days when I don't have it in me to put a whole look together after my workout, I have a few tricks to level up my workout wear into a great look that can be taken to the streets in style. Here are some style tips that I love that can help you take your workout wear to the next level, with little to no effort.

1. Layer a cool jacket, shacket, or cardigan over your workout set - I typically wear neutral leggings and a workout top, so layering a denim jacket or staple leather moto style jacket over my workout set, is a fool-proof way to make my look seem more intentional and less...sweaty. I also love to pair a cute cardigan over it as well. Anything to add fun and funky layers will help make it more appropriate for daytime cruising. 

2. Choose fun sneakers or boots to pair with workout leggings - I love to toss on some of my favorite boots with my leggings to make it seem more like an intentional outfit! Lug boots, doc martens, your go-to high top sneakers or Blundstone boots with your workout leggings take your gym attire the next level. I also love to pair fun and funky sneakers like Van's or Nike's for a cool, edgy vibe that is also super comfy and casual.

3. Add accessories to your look like a hat, beanie, sunnies, scarf, etc - I think the more layers that your outfit has, the more interesting and the more intentional it seems. Accessories can add a whole new dimension to an outfit. Beanies make your look seem super cool and edgy, a great pair of sunnies can add a lot of personality to an otherwise dull ensemble, and even jewelry can take your look to the next level!!! Adding fun accessories (think great gold hoop earrings for example) to your workout wear can transition it beautifully into a chic daytime look!

While there is no shame in loving (and living in your favorite Lululemon pants or Viouri workout leggings), I do think something can be said for putting more effort into your everyday look. I think its like most things....when you try a little harder, it shows, and you feel the difference. Curating an outfit is also about setting intentions. Saying who you are. What you want the world to perceive you as. And I think when we enjoy the process, find the creativity in it, that  positive energy can definitely channel into other areas of your life!!!

Kasey Scott is the CEO, owner and marketing manager of Salt and Freckles Boutique, a cute little women's clothing store located in Old Town Newhall, CA. Kasey and her sister Kelly run the shop and have a love for styling women and helping customers achieve their own senses of style through great clothes and self expression. Salt and Freckles boutique has a wide range of cute clothes, such as fun dresses, jumpsuits, rompers, jackets, denim, denim pants, denim shorts, accessories, shoes, sandals, boots, home decor and more!!! You can shop the store directly online at or checkout the Salt and Freckles IG page @shopsaltandfreckles. 

Here are some looks from the shop that would be great to style up your current workout wear!



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