Weekly Trend Report - The Jumpsuit Guide from Salt and Freckles, A Santa Clarita Boutique

This Spring Kell and I have been doing a deep dive into jumpsuits and everything that makes them fabulous! Aside from the obvious, that they are typically insanely comfortable and an easy "throw and go" option that makes getting dressed in the morning a breeze, we love that the jumpsuit is taking on an even bigger role this season.


Jumpsuits are making their way into athleisure, workout wear, high fashion, and streetwear. Whether its a denim coverall style for a laid back vibe, a ribbed sweater jumpsuit for easy lounging, or a head turner with all the fun cutouts and silhouettes, there is literally a jumpsuit or romper style for EVERYBODY and every body.

When Kelly and I do the buying for our Santa Clarita based women's clothing boutique, Salt and Freckles, (located in the heart of Old Town Newhall, a cute little revived area just outside of Los Angeles), we are always looking for options that not only wow ourselves, but that would fit seamlessly with our Salt and Freckles customer. Who exactly is that woman and what is she looking for? And they does the jumpsuit make its way into our fashion trend of the week for this particular gal? I (Kasey Scott, owner and marketing director of Salt and Freckles clothing boutique- I just gave myself that tite), will break down the jumpsuit and why its the perfect match for even our most particular of customers. 

1. Jumpsuits can be taken easily from day to night - We LOVE that a jumpsuit transitions so well from a day look to a night look. As a fashion buyer, we are always looking for pieces that our clients will be able to re-wear and create a new and fresh look in, season after season, occasion after occasion.

Take a a chic white linen shorts romper for example, like our best-selling Sweet as Honey Button Down Romper.  This piece is so great for a casual beach hang with strappy sandals and a denim jacket and one of our favoirte Lack of Color hats. Its breathable, comfortable, loose and casual. But say you want to dress it up for a night out? Toss on our sequin boots or the Bambi Coconuts Boot in pink with a fun black leather moto jacket over and a great lip color to make that chic and breathable romper fabulous for a night on the town!

2. A Jumpsuit is a flattering silhouette for all body types and ages -  Kelly and I have spent thousands of hours helping women find outfits in which they feel fabulous in! But typically, the 2 criteria women value most in an outfit is that it is flattering on their body, as well as it being a look that the client feels is age appropriate.

We love jumpsuits because there are so many amazing silhouettes that can fill both of these buckets! Some of our favorite go-to styles that are literally flattering on EVERY BODY are jumpsuits that have a smocked, fitted top and a loose, flowy pant. We love how versatile a smocked top is for a wide range of bust sizes (and you can go bra-less, which is a win win) and it is complimented beautifully with a loose and flowy leg. A great option that we love in the shop is the Two To Tango Wide Leg Jumpsuit  or the Finding Light Wide Leg Jumpsuit, for a fun and flattering look for any and every gal who wants to look great and feel comfortable while doing it. 

3. Jumpsuits have FUN silhouettes that stand out it a crowd - My personal favorite reason for buying jumpsuits for the shop, as well as for myself, is because they make a splash!!  My favorite thing about fashion and styling a look is to choose something that not every girl will be wearing at the party. I love when an outfit is unique and exciting. And jumpsuits are a great go-to when I want to make an impression and love the personality that my outfit is giving off. And I particularly love when we can help a client achieve that same thing for themselves. 

This season, the jumpsuit is taking on all shapes and sizes. With cutouts, ruffles, halter tops, twists, ties, and fabulous draping, the jumpsuit has become anything but boring. Some of the styles that we love most in our shop, Salt and Freckles, for a statement look is the Your Favorite Tune Jumpsuit (sold out multiple times and back in stock), with its backless silhouette and ruffle details. The Be the One Jumpsuit is also a fun option with sheer fabric, a twisted bust, and flowy pants. This one is a great option for a bride or bride to be!!!!

So, whether you've been sitting on the fence to try a jumpsuit or not, give it a shot girl! Live a little. You won't have to choose a matching top or bottom. You'll throw one piece on and feel like a million bucks. Whether you're beachside in Mexico sipping a margarita or dancing the night away at your pal's wedding, there is a jumpsuit (or 3 or 4) just for you!!!


Salt and Freckles is a women's clothing boutique located in Santa Clarita Valley, a growing city right outside of Los Angeles, California. It is owned and operated by 3 sisters born and raised in the SCV with a love for fashion and styling women of all walks of life. You can visit the shop in person, or online at www.saltandfreckles.com or check out the shop's instagram, featuring all their latest drops @shopsaltandfreckles.


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