The Importance of Supporting Small Businesses During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Shop Small and Cure Your Quarantine Blues!

If you’re feeling down during your quarantine and are searching for some kind of activity that makes you feel “normal” it’s time to check in with your favorite local shops! We know that as our much-loved Salty Babes you miss the shop just as much as we do, so let’s chat about supporting small businesses like ours during this crazy time.

The babes at Salt and Freckles

Cash Flow and Big Changes During Quarantine

Cash flow has changed for our society with a long quarantine, many changes in employment and restrictions on what we can do outside of our homes. This change does not just affect the individual, it has a huge impact on small businesses like Salt and Freckles. Many small businesses, ours included, have had to close the doors to our storefronts and change the way we do business and many of us may not be able to re-open when the smoke clears, so to speak. Unfortunately, our rent for those stores does not stop, our suppliers still need to get paid and our advertising bills are still coming in. We are fighting for our little businesses with all of our might!

Although there is a lot of news broadcasts, articles, and talk of bailouts, loans, and government help, there is so much red tape and very real debt that it makes things all a bit muddy. We all need real world-right now- solutions. Honestly, we need our community, the salty, sandy gals we love, to help out small businesses like ours. 

How Can We Work Together to Support Small Businesses?

There are plenty of ways to help keep the small businesses you love alive during the COVID-19 outbreak. First thing first, the big reminder that spans all of the suggestions below, is to remember that every dollar and every act count, no matter how small. Now let’s get into the details of how you can make a big difference.

  1. Order online! If you are doing a lot of your shopping via big retailers like Amazon, consider reaching out to local businesses for everyday items or their reasonable alternatives. If your favorite small businesses have websites or offer shopping via social networks, buy online from them rather than bigger companies.
  2. Order to-go or delivery! If your beloved Mexican restaurant or sushi spot is open for take-out or delivery, order something to go. It does not have to be every day, but “going out to eat” does not have to end during the quarantine. Have a date night at home with your favorite take out.
  3. Tip! Offer a tip if one is not usually included, give a little bit more if you’re already tipping, and share the love. Every dollar counts when it comes to service staff, delivery men and women, and small business owners who do it all themselves.
  4. Buy a gift card! Spend now, enjoy later! If you know that you will be counting the days to go to your favorite shop or restaurant, buy a gift card for yourself to use later. Or, if you are just looking to show support, buy a gift card for a friend or loved one. This helps with the immediate costs of keeping a small business afloat.
  5. Show love on social media! Whether it is on Yelp, Facebook, or Instagram, share your love of Salt and Freckles, and other small businesses, by posting photos of items, food or of the way you feel about the business. Recommend us, tag us, shout us out so we know you’re still there!
  6. Sign Up! Be sure that you are signed up for newsletters, blogs, or other interactive options, and watch for any announcements. Follow livestreams and watch webcasts, because every view counts and it helps bring others in who may not want to be “the only one” watching!
  7. Take advantage of the discounts! If there are sales available, stock up on things you can use later, give as gifts, or pass on to someone to brighten their day. You may have a friend who could really use a ray of sunshine during quarantine, buy them a token of friendship and have it shipped from Salt and Freckles!

Last, but definitely not least, is the simple way to help to say thank you. You never know what a note of thanks can do for someone when the skies are grey. Send a note that says thank you, reach out, send us a message. Salt and Freckles is so thankful for you, our friends and family and Salty Babes, and your love now and always.

Some of Our Fav Small Businesses in Santa Clarita

We are all in this together. Let’s work together to make sure our favorite small businesses make it through this storm so that when the storm passes, we can all celebrate as one. Below is a list of our favorite small businesses (and we are so grateful for their efforts)!

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