Shoes, Shoes, Shoes: Which Ones You Need for Every Month of the Year


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Shoes come in all different shapes and sizes, but not all shoes are created equal! As a result, many of us ladies spent ungodly amounts of time changing shoes (while already running late) before giving up and leaving the house in a rush only to find that we wish we had chosen a different pair to begin with. Yeah, we’ve been there!

The solution to this problem? Follow our Los Angeles women’s boutique stylists’ advice and be sure to have these go-to pairs for every month!

January: The Worthy Mule

With spring just around the corner, you can’t go wrong with a mule for just about any occasion. Headed to the coffee shop to see your babes? Throw on a casual tan-colored mule that will match any outfit. On your way out the door to meet your handsome date? Toss on a classier-style mule that says, “I’m a good time, and I’m ready to be wined and dined!” Don’t forget, the best mules are comfy and will last a while, so choose wisely.

February: The Block Heel

Oh la la, love is in the air and Cupid is waiting to hit his marks. The block heel is the go-to shoe to make you feel your best and even just a little sexy. This style provides a short heel so you can be swept of your feet or walk the city hand-in-hand!

March: The Comfy Sneaker

Nothing says “I’m a laid-back chick” like a good sneaker that can take you anywhere! Choose a comfy sneaker that matches any outfit, and never be afraid to play with fun colors, patterns, and prints. We recommend a good slip-on for ease!

April: The Partying Animal Print

Honestly, when AREN’T animal prints in? That’s right. They always are! Whether you are putting together your summer music festival outfit or getting ready for some brunch dates with your girls, choosing a fun animal print in any style is sure to make you feel your best.

May: The Lace-Up, Ankle-High Sandal

It’s the last month of spring, so let the sun shine on those toesies and show off your pretty pedi! A lace-up sandal is sure to make a statement while keeping you cool as the summer months approach.

June: The Simple Strappy Sandal

Welcome in the summer with a fun strappy sandal! Find yourself a pair that says, “I’m ready for the pool party but let’s get tacos first!” The best part? Simple strappy sandals can be paired with a good pair of jeans for work or your favorite pair of Daisey Duke shorts for a beach day!

July: The Spicy Wedge Heel

Nothing says Fourth of July parties and barbecues like a good go-to pair of wedges! Dress em’ up or dress em’ down. Either way, your legs will look killer and your feet will love you as wedges are some of the comfiest shoes that will still give you height!

August: The Go-To Slides

Summer break means keeping it casual, cool, and comfortable. Thankfully, there isn’t a shoe comfier than a pair of slides. If you choose the right pair (not the typical athletic slide), you can wear them anywhere you want, including a nice dinner.

September: The Shoe That’s Made for Walkin’

Summer vacation is over, and that means it’s back to taking care of business. With responsibility comes great reward, and that reward should be a new pair of comfy shoes that can get you from point A to point B without a single “OW!”

October: The Booty-Poppin’ Bootie

Feel the fresh air of Fall approaching? Get into the Fall season vibes with the perfect booty to make all your ASSets steal the show! They also combine the perfect amount of warmth and comfort so you’ll never have to carry a second pair in the trunk of your car (we’ve been there).

November: The Ankle-Lace, Peep-Toe Bootie

A peep toe bootie is the perfect way to keep it classy while making a statement! This versatile style shoe lets you wear them with your fav midi dress or those perfect pair of jeans you always seem to gravitate toward!

December: The Classic Pump

Christmas gathering, holiday dinners, and ugly sweater parties may be busy, but you can keep it spicy for any occasion with the perfect pump. Wear them to your work’s Christmas party for a head-turning look and the most confident feel! 

Make this Year the Best. Shop our Los Angeles Boutique!

Our Los Angeles women’s boutique stylists wish you the best year of your life in 2020! We are ready to keep you feeling your best and looking great every month of this year. Shop all your favorite looks and try some new styles today by visiting our women’s boutique in Los Angeles or shopping with us online!

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