Salt and Freckles Tries Get Sweat, A New Spin Studio in the SCV


Get Sweat, A New Spin Studio in the SCV

My sister recently reached out asking if I wanted to try a new gym that was opening near her apartment in Valencia. I'm always down to try a new workout, but then she informed me that Get Sweat was a heated spin studio.  Hot. Spin. Two words I never thought would be put together—let alone something I would give a shot.

I have never even tried hot yoga because I’m a heavy sweater, and the thought of having to plan my hair washing schedule around my yoga practice was unappealing. I also have never taken a typical spin class. I purchased a mediocre spin bike for at-home use, giving me minimal knowledge of what spin really entails. But hey, summer is coming, and this bikini bod needs all the help it can get! 

We signed up for a class during Get Sweat’s grand opening, which was last Wednesday. All first rides were 50% off, so the class was only $10! I was a little nervous but excited to try something new!

Upon check in, the very friendly girl at the front desk had me sign a waiver and asked if I had ever taken a spin class, then offered a quick overview on how to use the bike and escorted us to the back where lockers and changing rooms were available for use.

The spin room was dark with fun neon lighting. A DJ (I think that was my favorite part) was blasting fantastic hip-hop tunes, and our instructor, Caitlin, was welcoming her victims. In my mind, I thought I was entering some sort of hell, but it was anything but that. The hour-long workout was hot and intense in the best ways. The room varies between 80-95 degrees. I was literally dripping sweat in no time. The first 30 minutes flew by.  

Caitlin was an extremely motivating and up-beat instructor. She was absolutely judgement-free and encouraged first timers like myself. She was great at encouraging all the riders, which was super motivating—And the music was everything.   From sprints to hill climbs to an upper body section to plus tap backs and figure eights, the hour-long class was over in no time. I had survived, and it felt so great!

I can’t wait to go back and get my sweat on again! You can book morning and evening classes online at Single rides or package options are available for both the 55-minute classes or 30-minute quick sweats. All levels are welcome. Beginners to advanced riders will get one hell of a workout. Thank you for bringing a new workout studio to Santa Clarita that takes fitness away from the norm. This is exactly what our little town needs. It doesn’t hurt that you can also walk over to The Local after for a beer and wings. (In typical Perkins girl fashion, that’s exactly what we did!)

Get Sweat is located at 26934 The Old Road, Valencia CA. Let us know what you think!

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