Salt and Freckles Boutique Owner Dishes about the BEST Bra - Skims 3 Ways!!!

As a boutique owner of Salt and Freckles, a curated women's clothing boutique in Santa Clarita CA (just north of Los Angeles), undergarments are a BIG deal for us. We are constantly asked what are favorite bras and shape wear are, specifically when women have similar body types to ours (ie I tend to be a bit of a small frame but very curvy and have a naturally large bust).

I promise you I have searched far and wide for a great bra. One that supports me but doesn't feel like I'm wearing armor. One that can easily be worn under a sexy dress or with my favorite tee shirt. Something comfortable and not a traditional "mom bra" but also a bra that is great for moms, because I'm a mom (lol).

I've tried them all and one of my personal biggest complaints is that I fall out of most, or I get the "4 boob" factor, where it cuts into my breast and looks like I have 4 boobs instead of 2. Not cute. 

I gave Skims a try on a total whim. Just thought, what the hell? Maybe this shape-wear and bra will be all that its cracked up to be. If not, it wasn't too pricey to bum me out. I ordered 3 pieces that I DIE for. The Fits Everybody Scoop Bra, The Fits Everybody High Neck Bra, and the Fits Everybody Cami Bodysuit.  I did a size small in the bodysuit and size medium in the bras and they are a dream. 

Soft, cozy, doesn't dig into my skin, offers support without any pinching, and just delicious to wear under any and every garment! This is a dream bra and I would literally live in the bodysuit if I could. So flattering and feels like I'm wearing nothing at all. 

Run gals. Don't walk. Skims is your undergarment answer to all the prayers you may or may not know you had. 

Kasey Scott is the owner and CEO of Salt and Freckles Boutique and loves helping women look and feel their best! She has a passion for styling and fashion and particularly loves helping women choose outfits and looks that make them feel confident and stylish. Salt and Freckles has a wide range of denim, dresses, skirts, tops, tee shirts, accessories, candles, body, home goods and more! Their shop is located in Old Town Newhall CA.

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