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As much as I love cool girl things like clothing, style, home decor, travel, cooking, fitness and skincare...I am a (perhaps not so secret) book nerd at heart. I've always loved to read and write. Since I was a girl, I would devour books and loved getting lost in story. But then I got pregnant and married and tired and owned a business and traveled with my husband and....stopped reading because I couldn't keep my eyes open or my head straight.

And THEN I found myself scrolling Instagram after the kids went to bed. Spending my very sacred, sought after all day alone time staring at a bunch of gibberish that was leaving me feeling like I needed MORE instead of less. To bake more thematic cookies for the kids' next birthday party, have a better, newer kitchen, to buy a more modern sofa and take a lavish vacation to Tahiti. I had these feelings of more right before bed. Which clearly lead to a delicious night's sleep.

So, I decided to go back to my roots. 

Which brings me to this blog post. Over the last year, I have found myself carving out "me time", which is a rare luxury I never indulged much in. While the boys watch cartoons in the morning, I crack open my book with a warm cup of coffee. And return to it at night. After the day is done. And delve into an old delight that leaves me feeling all the things story is meant to stir up. All the real beautiful feelings we are meant to feel as humans. Its my new ritual. 

In this new age that demands constant content, I always struggle with how to put myself out there, while staying authentic to who I really am. I can only turn to what I know. Books being one of them. I'm not quite sure if people still read. If our boutique customers care about reading. But I do. So, hopefully we'll have at least one gal (or guy) read this blog with complete interest and indulge find pleasure in my NEW book of the month posts.

Each month I will highlight a book I've read or am reading and LOVING. And please feel free to share your favs too!!!!

Up first, American Dirt. I found this book on Amazon after searching "best books of 2020."  I'm about halfway in and its already going on my personal best of list. So incredibly raw, well written and gut wrenching, its a story of a women and her son, as they flee the dangers of the cartel in Acapulco. It tears at my mama and wife heart but is also a story of courage. Of humanism. Among everything that is not human. Its a story that is full of rich characters in a book that seems necessary for the times, without being political. 

Books are like traveling for me. Once you've finished one, you're less ignorant to something. Less ignorant toward the world perhaps. More empathetic. To people. To places. To life.  And this is one of those books that changes your heart along with your mind. A great read that I hope you will all enjoy as much as I have!!!

Love to read too? Next time you are in our Los Angles clothing boutique, Salt and Freckles, tell us your fav books!!! Or leave a comment below!!! I can't wait to continue to grow this space with new and fresh content and share all my favorite books to come <3

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  • Sarah

    Oh I love this! If you like horror/thriller Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno Garcia is so good! It’s set in the 50’s and about a socialite who investigates her cousin’s claims that her rich husband is trying to kill her.

  • Melanie Macdonald

    Loved loved this article you wrote!! ❤ can totally relate to then I got a husband babies and tired lol! This definitely inspired me to start reading again. It helps take my mind off of the craziness in the world and just have some much needed me time!! ❤

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