Our Very First “Homie of the Month”—Meet Candice Varner

Salt and Freckles, your favorite Los Angeles boutique, is proud to launch our Homie of the Month spotlight! We love what we do, we love each and every one of our customers, and more than anything else, we love giving back to our beautiful community of boss babes and we love empowering other women! With that said, every month, we will choose one lucky babe, a shopper of our boutique, of course, to be featured as our Homie of the Month. We hope that those who keep up with this will support your fellow salty babes by sharing, commenting, and loving on those who are featured! Without further ado, we’d like to share our very first Homie of the Month—Candice Varner.

Why is Candice Varner in the Spotlight this Month? Easy to Answer That!

Not only is Candice a customer, but she is also a friend—and even deeper than that, she is a piece of our family that has become so tightly woven into our own that it brings us to tears. Our trifecta of sisters started playing soccer with Candice when we were just kids. Her mom coached us, our families vacationed together, and we've been family friends since. Candice, along with her husband, Chris, who is the head football coach at West Ranch High School, have withstood some of life’s most difficult adversities with poise, compassion, positivity and without a single complaint.

 Candice and Chris Varner

The Family that Kept Growing

After giving birth and raising two beautiful boys, Candice and Chris realized it was time to bring another baby into the family. After facing difficulties with pregnancy, her and her husband decided they would adopt an incredible little girl. When they discovered that this little girl had a sister, the two didn’t bat a lash and welcomed both into their family with open arms and open hearts. It wasn’t before long that Candice found out she was, in fact, pregnant—turning this little family of 4 into a large family of 7!


Through Adversity, She Showed Strength—in Typical Candice Fashion

Not long after her adoption, Audrey, their daughter, was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. This diagnosis was, of course, devastating, but Candice remained determined to help her baby girl receive the care and treatment she deserved. Despite the numerous hospitalizations, setbacks, victories, and everything in between, Candice has never complained. At every step of the way, Candice pushes passed her fears and fights for Audrey all while raising her 5 beautiful children alongside her husband.

That’s WHY.

Candice’s persistence and tenacity are nothing short of amazing, and we are honored to know and love such an incredible, powerful, and compassionate woman.  She is a shining example of what every mother should aspire to be, and we can’t think of anyone else that deserves a little appreciation more than her. THAT’S WHY we are making Candice our very first Homie of the Month, and THAT’S WHY we are donating 10% of our sales for the entire month of February to her daughter’s fight!! Join us in helping this family find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis!! Together, we CAN make a difference <3

Give it up for this incredible, deserving mama, and get ready to shop 100% guilt-free (after all, it’s for the best cause). Shop online or in-store at our women’s boutique in Los Angeles!

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  • Jeannie Carpenter

    You are very thoughtful & What a beautiful person! I’ll be in to shop to support.

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