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Kasey Scott

Guys. I don't tell many people this story. So, I might as well tell everyone.

The day I got my braces removed (at the most awkward, insecure age of 14), the orthodontist chipped my front tooth.

Then, when I was in high school, I attended a local party with a group of friends. It turned sour fast, and I ended up getting my head smashed into the side of a truck.

Did this blog start off too strong? Elevate too quickly?  

My apologies, but I'm assuming nobody reads blogs anymore, so I figured I'd cut to the chase. The worst part, perhaps, was that it was slammed into the side of a truck by an unknown male, which made for a pretty forceful slam. This was pre “me-too” movement. Pre women's rights. And I'm sure my sassy mouth didn't exactly help the situation.

Long story longer, my sassy mouth ended up with no front tooth due to the head slam, which was probably the most traumatic part of the whole thing for me. I had to have an emergency root canal, which left me needing a new front tooth.  And my long road to finding dentist monogamy began. I've since had three new teeth (the first was pretty bulky...I not so lovingly referred to it as a refrigerator tooth. The second chipped while I gave birth to my son, and I very recently had the third and final (deep breath) attempt—created and installed by the one and only Dr. Brian Edwards and his incredible team in Newhall, California at Three Sixty Dentistry).

To say that I am uncomfortable in a dentist's chair is sort of an understatement. I began to lower my barometer of success for dental situations to a pretty low level. I'm also a member of the partially completed Invisalign club—an expensive endeavor with lackluster results. (My fault, not theirs.) I don't typically stick to appointments well.  All of which are probably a culmination of reasons why my blood pressure was 170/100 the day I walked into Dr. Edwards’ Newhall office to hopefully get this tooth fixed once and for all. 

Dr. Brian Edwards is a local dentist in Santa Clarita, the town I grew up in. His office is down the street from our shop. His wife, her amazing sister, and their friends and family all shop in our store. We love them. They would rave about Dr Edwards' dental genius. I smiled when they raved, knowing that I've been in this trap before. High hopes, shattered expectations. That might be slightly dramatic, but again, I'm trying to keep my bounce-rate low here. 

I scoured Instagram accounts, Yelp reviews, and even considered pricey dentists in Beverly Hills because I really wanted to get this tooth done right. I smile a lot. I love to smile. And I'm insanely confident. But it became a bit harder to be naturally confident when my two front teeth were two different sizes, shapes, and shades.  After sooooo many referrals to Dr. Edwards and his team, I decided to take the plunge and meet with him.

Let me warn you. Dr. Edwards is a handsome man. He is insanely kind and professional. But what I like most about him is that he laughs at my jokes. He's the kind of dentist that you can actually talk to and that will be honest with you, which in turn, allows you to be honest with him. And I needed honest. Despite his good looks and charm, I needed him to be honest, precise, and I needed him to be perfect.

We developed a game plan and he exceeded my expectations by such a long shot, which I am not used to. I'm not just saying this, guys. My temporary was damn near good enough to be the real deal, which I had for about 3 weeks. He sent me down the road to ceramist of the stars, Craig Galbraith of Morphology Dental Studio, who was a literal color matching/blending ARTIST (and who I also grew very fond of very quickly). He too laughed at my jokes, so of course, I'm a fan.

When the big day came to get my tooth put back in, Craig, the tooth artist, was actually at my appointment to color-blend it on-site and make any re-shaping adjustments needed once the tooth was in my mouth.  We looked at the color outside, inside, in direct light and indirect light to make sure it was literally flawless. We made a few changes and they took their time to get it 100% right.

And by God, it is. 

I think my biggest frustration before was that I'm a perfectionist. I like things done right, or I don't do them at all. Unfortunately, before Dr. Edwards, my tooth was always treated as an appointment that fit into each dentist's 3:00 PM time slot. I got the standard treatment. And a standard result.

Well. I'm not standard. Neither is Dr. Edwards. Neither is his team. And it felt SO GOOD to be treated like such—to finally have the bar set super high and be in the hands of someone that wouldn't settle for less, even if it went past normal working hours, which it did.  And nobody batted a lash.

I started this blog to feature our favorites. Our favorite humans. Our favorite artists. Curators. Business owners. Professionals. And Dr. Brian Edwards fits the criteria of all of the above. Please, if you're putting off a dental situation, see this man. Coming from someone who's tried ‘em all, I promise you—you don't need to drive to Beverly Hills to get the best. He's actually on Lyons Ave in the same hood as a few other favorites we know and love. Including us. We're on Lyons Ave (shameless plug).

If you made it to the end of this blog post, I'd like to congratulate you and thank you for reading! Use PROMO CODE - GirlGotaNewGrill (yes that is actually the promo code) to score 10% OFF your next purchase!!! And go see this amazing team for all your dental needs!! Xo

Dr. Brian Edwards and his dental team

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