New One Size Fits All Swim Line - How it Fits and Why We LOVE it!

Finding the perfect swimsuit is a task that has plagued us since our humble beginnings. We've carried swim since the shop's opening over 8 years ago. In fact, it was our mainstay and our original carry a wide range of carefully selected swimwear that we loved ourselves and that our customers would love too (regardless of age, shape or body type)!!!! What we didn't realize is how big of a motherfucker that task would be. 

It seemed that all our favorite swimsuit lines just kept getting more and more expensive, with less and less fabric. This coming from the girl that doesn't mind showing a little (or even a lot) of skin. The idea of chasing kiddos or playing a fun game of frisbee with pals on the beach was laughable in the options provided without a boob popping out mid-catch or barely there booties needing to be adjusted with every rogue kid running down the sand. We kept finding swimwear for the girls that lay poolside and only move a quarter of an inch to grab a cocktail every hour. And as much as we'd sometimes LOVE to be that girl, we just aren't. And most of our customers aren't either. 

So we dwindled our swimwear options to pieces we truly wanted and could wear ourselves. But the past few years, those options seem to get smaller and smaller. And sizing is a true anomaly for us as much as it is for you. Which led us to our newest swim line, Sorbet Island. This new line of beautiful summer solids in stunning smocked fabrics promised to be a "one size fits most" approach to swim. We were cautiously optimistic. We have seen first hand how smocking can in fact be so flexible across sizes so we decided to give it a whirl. And we are fans. Big ones!!!

Kell and I got the line in our Los Angeles clothing boutique, Salt and Freckles, last week and immediately decided to take you all on a try on sesh with us!!!! We ordered a total of 5 styles, each in its own unique color way. We selected 2 amazing one piece bikinis and three two piece options. They are all sold as separates, which we always love, and can honestly say that YES, one size fits most.

Overall Swimsuit Fit + Feedback - 

In general, this new swimsuit line fits great!!!! Comfortable as could be, supportive, and does not stretch out or expand more than a traditional suit would in water. We love the different body options and find that certain fits work better with certain body types (detailed below). We do wish that the bottoms were slightly more cheeky (we're California girls at heart that love a little booty out in a swimsuit, we can't help it) but LOVE that we don't have to be constantly adjusting body parts and swim pieces while enjoying ourselves poolside and beachside. These suits are very well made and we are obsessed with the color options....its was real hard to pick a fav. 

Interested in the fit of each swimsuit? Kell and I did a side by side of each of us in each suit. We have such different body types. Kelly is taller and leaner than I am. I have always had a more voluptuous frame. She's a B Cup, I'm a D. She's 5'5, I'm 5'3 and those inches definitely belong to the torso. We both loved them all and share the details below about which suit was best for our respective body types below...

The Sorbet Island Slit One Piece - We both loved this suit but I think its especially flattering and supportive for the girls with a large bust! That little center slit gives just enough wow factor to enhance all your curves if your body type is similar to mine! But Kelly loved that it was a chic and flattering one piece that you could totally move in and still feel sexy in! The back features a fuller bottom and deep open back that we both loved...and the green is beyond stunning!


Sorbet Island High Waisted - Definitely the most popular fit in the shop and online, the Sorbet Island High Waisted swimsuit features a super high waisted bottom and a flattering v neckline slip on top. Both were so very comfortable, didn't "dig into" your sides, and provided tons of support, but I personally think this fit is better on a longer torso, like Kelly's. I still loved it but because I am short and have a large bust, it wasn't my absolute favorite fit (but a high waist never is). For Kelly, it was an absolute home run and the color is my favorite of the group!!!!


Sorbet Island Slit Top - Kelly and I both really loved this classic black two piece. It was slightly more flattering on a large bust (again, that center slit is so nice on a bigger chest) but we both agreed that the bottoms were a home run for any body type! A classic bottom that was slightly skimpier than the other options but still offers a modest booty cut, made for a great sporty black two piece that is one you will wear time and time again!!!!! A great option to mix and match with your other swim favorites.


Sorbet Island 90's Cut - We were so excited to bring in a super high cut 90's style and this one does not disappoint!!!! I don't know if the cut or the color is better, but together its a super fun style for so many bodies!! The same top as our high waisted swimsuit, this v neck is super flattering and an easy, comfortable slip on style. The bottoms can be pulled up higher (as pictured on me) or slightly lower (like Kelly) and both options don't have any "digging". I loved these bottoms for both of us because we are short, and it definitely helped to elongate our legs slightly!!!  A great option if you want to be on trend in a mom approved version that is still comfortable and sexy!!!


Sorbet Island Classic One Piece - Kelly's fav cut, the Classic Scoop One Piece is a literal home run for all body types!!! Curvy, lean, long, short, it just has all the right moves in all the right places. We love the gorgeous grape colorway of this chic and comfortable one piece with supportive top and low cut back. The straps stayed on so well, held everything in beautifully and is beyond comfortable. This is our pick if you want a safe bet that you'll love forever!!!


All in all, we were big fans of this new addition to our Los Angeles beachwear boutique! It solved our sizing issues with so many other lines. I think we were most skeptical about the one size fits most being a total farce, when in fact, that was probably our favorite part. This is a line that will work well with body changes (great for expecting mamas and growing bellies and ylbusts) or the summer where you might have forgotten to work out, but then still accommodate your best beach bod the following year! The colors are fantastic, the quality is great, and the fit is one of the better fits we've had. We definitely recommend coming in and trying on all the cuts....our favorites ended up being so different than what we thought we'd love!!! I left with both one pieces and Kell loved the scoop one piece and 90's best!

We REALLY hope this new addition of swimwear helps to ease your summer nerves. We keep hearing about hot girl summer and I like to think of this summer being every girl summer. The summer where every girl and every bod can find a place where they live and love to bask in the sun. 

Salt and Freckles is a women's clothing boutique located in Los Angeles CA in Old Town Newhall. Owned and operated by three California sisters, this online an din store clothing boutique offers a great variety of beachwear, vintage style graphic tees, denim, jumpsuits, rompers, bikinis, home decor, body essentials, jewelry, shoes, sandals, boots, dresses and so much more!!! We hope to see you soon!!Some of our favorite best-selling brands are Levi's, Amuse Society, Project Social T, Z Supply, Saltwater Luxe, Chaser, Among the Flowers, Matisse, Coconuts, Raen, Our Spare Change, Paradigm, and so many more local favorites! xx



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