My NEW Favorite At Home Workout - Tracy Anderson Method Online Review


When the world shutdown and forced us all indoors, I know that I was not the only one to start searching for the perfect at home workout routine. I tried SO MANY. But after lots of trial and error, I really found my bodies sweet spot. I started doing True Barre (a local bar studio that incorporates cardio, barre, and pilates style movements) in a convenient online platform. I was hooked and have been a die hard ever since (full blog on True Barre coming soon)!! 

But, a year into my at home workouts, I was craving a second option to mix things up a bit more. I was INFLUENCED by Tracy Anderson Method. I came across an ad for their 2 week trial and was like...what the hell? I'll give her a go.

Guys. I have been faithfully following her online classes now for about 4 months (I mix them in with True Barre...I switch off just about every day) and am seeing huge changes in my body that I am loving!!! Check out my full review of Tracy Anderson Method below....


The Tracy Anderson Method Online offers a weekly online class (so you do the same class for an entire week) of strategic movements targeting your entire body. Its a mix of pilates and dance-ish style movements (which I love) set to the BEST playlists I've ever had in a workout class. I seriously come mostly for the music. Its low impact, there are 3 level options (I do the moderate which I find super challenging), and each class is roughly an hour long.

1. Low Impact Strength Training - I love that this class is low impact. But don't confuse that with it not being a challenge. I've done other classes online that required lots of jumping and hopping and found that my knees and lower back were not responding well. Call it old age, but I really love that I know this class will give me a hell of a workout, without hurting my body.

2. Full Body Workout - This class will literally work your entire body! Her specialized movements may seem a bit strange at first, but I swear they target muscles in a way that will transform your body. I love that it works my back, arms, booty, core and legs in a super unique way that doesn't get old (I'm kind of sick of lunges and squats, ya know?).

3. $90/month - The only down side for me is the cost. I love and value my time at home so I'm pretty diligent about working out on my own. I do this class about 3-4 x a week, so for me, the cost makes sense. But, if you were only doing it once a week or once a month, it may be a bit of a splurge for that. But, she offers a FREE 2 week trial, so you can give it a shot with no major commitment. 

4. The MUSIC is everything - This girl needs to give her DJ a raise. The music is next level. She has the best playlists that get you in a serious groove. And she does NO TALKING throughout the entire class...which I thought was odd at first, but it has actually become very cathartic for me. It allows me to sink into the movements and get lost in the music!!!! I also find that the lack of talking makes the class go quicker. 

5. Noticeable Changes in my Body - Every body is different and I really believe that different bodies and personalities respond better or worse to different workouts. After having two kids back to back, my core and pelvic floor were complete toast. Like jelly. I could not run my way to a strong core no matter how many miles I clocked. I worked out so diligently, and my body never seemed to get much stronger. Until I started this program, coupled with bar. Its been a game changer for me and my body has never felt better!!!!

Sooooooo, if you are looking for a new way to kickstart a healthier body and mindset, and LOVE working out from home, this just might be the program for you!

If you are looking to try something NEW...I can't recommend Tracy Anderson Method enough. Its one of my favorite things to do each week and I can honestly say this will be a part of my routine forever. Link for free two week trial is below....and cheers to a healthier you and me <3 xx

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