Meet The Ridge, Our Newest Lack of Color Hat Inspired By The Vintage West + Check Out Our Hat Guide For Finding The Perfect Lid

Hats are a mainstay here at Salt and Freckles. For us, a great hat can be the icing on your style cake. They can add wow factor, personality and a great vibe to traditional jeans and a tee. Turn a jumpsuit into a total moment. While a hat can be the antidote for a boring ensemble, finding the perfect style can be a daunting task (we know this because its one of the most commonly asked questions from our customers). Ya'll want to know how to wear it, what shape is best for you, should it sit back and high or low and tight. All great questions!!! Which is precisely why we've created this cheat sheet for how to find the perfect hat.

But, before we get to our guide for finding the best hat for your particular style and head shape, we MUST introduce our newest country gal on the block, The Ridge. This fun new hat from Lack of Color is an ode to the vintage west. Available in both classic white and a fun peach, this hat has character for days and is reserved for those daring to make a fun splash. We love the brim shape of this wide brimmed style (almost 4 inch brim), standard crown, with a fun pinch. We also love the way the sides of the brim are folded upright for a country look we can't live without. This hat is meant to sit higher on the head and is a true showstopper! Pairs so well with jeans and a tee, or dresses up your dresses and boots with a country vibe we love. 

So, is the Ridge right for you? If not the Ridge, then which hat is best suited for your shape of head? Rest easy cowgirl, we got you covered. Check out our cheat sheet below to see how to find the perfect hat for you!!!

Heart Shaped Face - Your best friend if you have a heart shaped head is a smaller brim!! Large brims can attract attention to wider set jawlines, so smaller brims with angular crowns are a great choice for you! Stick with fedora style hats, baseball hats, or fun caps!! We love the Teak Zulu, Western Palma Fedora and even the Rancher for this face shape. 

Long Shaped Face - For all the gals with a longer face shape, try to avoid shallow crowns or short brims! Wider brims are best, which leaves you with a ton of options. Traditional cowboy styles, ranchers, wide sunhats and wide brim boaters are very complimentary silhouettes for this head shape. 

Diamond Shaped Face - If you have a diamond shaped face, you will want to stick with the same tips as a round shaped face. The goal with this face shape is to go for silhouettes that elongate the features, so think medium sized brims  with flicked edges. It can also help to style your hat further back on your head.

Round Shaped Face - Round shaped faces should try and shoot for styles that elongate features. Avoiding round styles is a great tip to achieve this!! Medium sized brims work well with this face shape as well as fedora styles. Another great tip is to style your hat further on your head to show off all those gorgeous rounded features!

But my #1 tip for wearing a hat well is to just WEAR THE HAT!!!! Confidence is the only requirement for pulling off a look with a fun hat. Sometimes the best rule to follow is that in your very own style heart. Try some on. See what you love and how you love to wear it. Play around with different silhouettes, crown shapes, brim sizes and styles. I LOVE hats and have so many. None of them fit perfectly into any of the descriptions above. They all follow their own rules and that is why I love them. Some are tall crowns and look cool when I'm going for an old school country look, some are sort of hipster-like with wide brims and short crowns, and some are fedora style and make great hats to wear to the beach. Hell I even have a hat I love that makes me look like a farmer. But sometimes I want a farmer girl vibe. That's the BEST PART of fashion and styling. 

The fewer boxes you try to fit into and the fewer molds you try to emulate, the more authentic you become. And that honey, is fashion. And it will never go outta style.




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