How to Style Dad Jeans So You Still Look Like a Fox

The Dad Jean. So cute on young Gen Z's. So cozy. So tempting. But if you're anything like me (an older millenial that doesn't quite feel like a millennial), you may be the fuck do I wear these without looking like my DAD? I grabbed our fav Hidden Dad Jean for a little Dad Jean Style Tutorial!!! Hope you love this, hope it helps you sneak outside of your skinny jeans or striaght jeans box, and hope it helps you realize you too can be as cute (if not cuter) than those young millenials in line at Starbucks.

1. Pair your DAD Jeans with a super flattering tank or bodysuit- 

So I think the key to making the Dad Jean flattering is all about proportions!!! Oversized and casul on bottom NEEDS fitted and maybe a bit sexy on top!!! So I love pairing the Dad Jean with a more structured, fitted piece like a super flattering tank top you love (we are obsessed with the Skimmer Tank as shown in our reel) or a great bodysuit!

2. DAD Jeans love a good Crop Top-

When playing it safe on bottom, I like to funk it up on top! Did that sound sexual? It should have. Kidding, kidding. But the Dad Jean is soooo safe and cozy on the bottom, with a great relaxed high rise, it pairs so effortlessly with a crop top. Trust me. Try it. Report back. I guaruntee I can make a fan outta ya. 

3. Go full casual, stay at home vibes with an effortless tee and bare feet. 

I LOVE a real casual, tried so much harder than it looks moment. And that is what the Dad jean was made for. Lazy days with your gal pals brunching in.  Pair your favorite dad jeans with a basic, well loved tee. I'm obsessed with our Project Social Tee Entice Twist Back Tee because its so timeless and casual, with a fun surprise in the back. Love the Dad jean with a little tuck in the front (to keep those proportions flattering as discussed above)!

Guys. I'm telling you. I followed my own advice and this old ass millenial that feels more like a damn baby boomer, BOUGHT the Dad jeans I am LOVING them. I also recommend giving bike shorts a try too gals. I realize this is a lot to throw at you all at once, but you will thank me. The Gen Z'ers  know these things along with Tik Tok and how to be pretty even with braces when you're 14 and supposed to be in an ugly phase. I'm learning right along with you. And change is good. It keeps us fresh. Age is but a number and style is all about confidence. To the Dad jean. The one we never knew we needed. 

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