Homie of the Month: Meet the World’s Sweetest Pediatrician—Dr. Neela Sethi!

You know what time it is—it’s Homie of the Month time—and what better time to share our chosen homie during International Women’s Month! Today, we want to share a bit about one kind, fun, beautiful, intelligent  babe that inspires us and everyone around her to do what they love for the people they love in a place they love! We are honored to know such a strong lady that continues to empower those around her. And this month, it was SUPER important for us to feature a frontline hero. Thank you to ALL our frontline heroes, working so hard to keep our communities safe during these uncertain times!!! 

Today, we are here to talk about Dr. Neela Sethi, the world’s sweetest general pediatrician and a HUGE inspiration to so many in our growing community (We might be a little bias! ;))

We Don’t Even Know Where to Start with This Boss Babe

There are so many reasons why Dr. Neela is our Homie of the Month, but let’s hone in on some of our absolute favorites, including what makes this beauty phenomenal at her job!

With a passion for children and an adorer of all things science-related, Dr. Neela is the perfect mix of brains and heart—making her an approachable, loving, and empathetic pediatrician who feels equal parts pediatrician and BFF. Each day, Dr. Neela enters the office with a love for her career and the people she is able to help. Amongst the favorite parts of her job, Dr. Neela loves serving as a support system for mothers moving through the postpartum period, helping each parent navigate the difficult toddler years, and offering support through even the most difficult times of parenthood—the teen years. In doing so, she becomes engrained in every family she works with—creating a relationship founded on trust and love.

Before a Doctor, Neela is a Wife, Mother, and, Above All Else, a Human

When asked what she wishes more people knew about her, Dr. Neela shared a piece of her that we know we have to share with the world, and because she said it so perfectly herself, we figured we’d just give it to you raw:

I want people to know that I am human just like you. I am a mother and a wife. I struggle with hard times as well and I do not judge anyone’s struggles. In the end, I want to change the world one day at a time. I want to raise my own kids and help others to raise amazing humans. Humans that value every race, religion, gender, and sexual preference.  Humans that believe in the good in the world and want to make it even better.  Humans that want to save our planet.  Humans that trust that love always wins.

Empowered Women Empower Women

At Salt and Freckles, we don’t just select our Homies of the Month based on how much we like them. Rather, we make our choice based on how these beautiful women empower other women. Dr. Neela does just that both in her job and in her personal life. Her take on life, as a woman, is one that we cannot help but share with everyone we know. As women, we are in control of our destiny, and no one says it better than this gal:

“Being a woman today is a blessing, but, with that, I feel that we have a moral obligation to smash glass ceilings for all the young girls out there.  I want to show them that you can run a business, but still have family dinner and bedtime snuggles. You can live your true purpose and still be true to yourself. I want the future generation to know that no one tells you who you are or what you are capable of.  YOU decide that, always.”

Our Los Angeles Women’s Boutique Has Yo’ Back Girl

Our women’s boutique in Los Angeles works hard to empower other women by curating a space where every powerful boss babe can express their bold, sassy attitudes through the clothing and accessories they choose. It’s no wonder Dr. Neela comes to visit every now and then—and she REALLY loves our hats and boots—just take a look at her closet. ;) When asked about her favorite reasons for shopping at our Los Angeles boutique, Dr. Neela explained:

“These Boss Babe Sisters want to make the world better and look amazing along the way. I love that Salt and Freckles has something for everyone. Every shape and size, every price point. They are so inclusive and that matters to me. I shop and support LOCAL! I love my town and want to support the people that matter to me. I always leave feeling empowered and that I can do more to help others. The trio of sisters is so incredibly kind, generous, obviously gorgeous, supportive, full of life, energetic, and GENUINE.  They are a true blessing! Salt and Freckles clothes make me feel like I am automatically going to have a good day.  I feel stronger, more beautiful, empowered, and ready to take on the world!”

Dr. Neela, thank you for being the incredible woman that you are. Your kind spirit, your loving heart, and your bold spirit continue to inspire those around you. It is an honor to call you our friend and, of course, Homie of the Month. Keep showing the world the boss babe that you are! We love you.

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