Homie of the Month and #WomanCrushWednesday: Savannah of Ramblin Rose Floral Co

Roses are red, violets are blue, when we grow up, wanna be just like you! We really love and admire this next Homie of the Month feature, Savannah Benton, proud single mommy of an almost-2-year-old, Lenny, and owner of Ramblin Rose Floral Co., a super creative floral design company that has captured our hearts time and time again.

Aside from being a great pal of ours, this creative entrepreneur is the kind of gal that we love partnering with, whether its for a personal floral arrangement or for something fun at the shop! Her passion for family, her career, and the great outdoors is contagious, and we can’t help but love her easy, fun loving way of looking at life and business. Annnnd, as if she couldn’t be any more rad, Sav is also a lover of horses, motorcycles, and the sky. Which also makes us smile.

The sky, you ask? You heard right.

This badass babe is ALSO in the process of getting her pilot’s license! (Talk about “WHO RUN THE WORLD?!”)

Obsessed with Flowers

From a young age, Savannah was absolutely head over heels for flowers, and this passion certainly hasn’t taken a break. As a floral company owner that specializes in weddings and events, Savannah’s greatest passion in her career is bringing joy to others. She loves surprising people with flowers from loved ones and delivering a bride’s bouquet on the day of the wedding, only to see her face light up as she gets ready to step foot into the next chapter of life and love! Being a big part of such special days is a two-way street that is full of pure bliss and happiness for both the customer and Savannah.

Savannah partnered with us last month for an Easter floral pop up shop and we were so shocked by the success and heart she poured into that event!!! With a line wrapped around our building of customers waiting so patiently for an arrangement, she HAND TIED each unique flower bundle for every customer, until she literally ran out of flowers. The feedback was incredible and it gave us another reason to love this friend of ours. 

Its been harder and harder for us to find amazing entrepreneurs that can equally create beautiful things BUT also be so willing to do the heavy lifting that encompasses the majority of owning a small business. The less glamourous stuff is where Savannah shines most I think. She makes it fun. She makes it easy. She makes it a little bit magical. 

I see so many parallels between the kind of mother she is and the kind of business person she is. And those folks are EXACTLY who and what we love to be aligned with. 

Women Empowerment Blossoms Every Relationship 

At Salt and Freckles, we LOVE empowering other women and ourselves, and love meeting other lovely ladies that are like-minded in that regard. Savannah is exactly that girl. Not only does she stand behind other strong women who are pressing to break molds, she is raising one! Savannah explains, “I’ve never felt more proud to be a woman than after having my daughter. Women make the world go round, and I think moms are the toughest people on the planet! AND, they can do it all. So I’d say I love every part of being a woman, the good, the bad and the ugly!”

Let’s Talk Salt and Freckles, Savannah’s Fav Los Angeles Women’s Boutique!

When customers visit our women's boutique in Los Angeles, we welcome them with open arms and lots of love. Our favorite part is hearing that they FEEL that very love every time they walk through our doors. In fact, that’s actually how we met Savannah—through her shopping with us! (It doesn’t hurt that she lets us be part of every shopping experience when she’s in—from telling her yay or nay on a certain piece during try-on’s to picking out a candle, Savannah truly lets us live in our element—helping others shop!) According to Savannah, she owns nearly every candle we’ve ever stocked—and honestly, we can’t blame her. We prob own em all too. She has great taste <3

When asked her favorite thing about shopping at Salt and Freckles, Savannah responded, “Honestly, the girls. Kasey, Kelly and Kristen are the ultimate hype girls. I became all their friends simply by coming in and talking. They are always open to talking and tell you what looks good and what doesn’t and genuinely just want to be friends. They carry literally the best array of things, and it’s a one stop shop. I can get an entire outfit for any occasion and home goods and skincare! I mean, that’s a dream. They’re also so supportive! The moment they found out I was a florist, they looped me into their girl gang and have been helping me grow and blossom, all while growing themselves! And the clothing from Salt and Freckles helps me feel confident and comfortable. I feel most myself when wearing clothes from their store!”

Savannah, we are so grateful for our friendship with you and all the badassery you are showing your daughter and this world! We love watching you in your element and love that we get to laugh, love, and smile with you when you visit! Keep running the world—because we just can’t get enough!

We are also so excited to announce ANOTHER POP UP SHOP with Savannah for Mama's Day!!! Come snag some flowers, shop with us, and celebrate as we both donate 10% of sales to the Single Mothers Outreach here in Newhall, CA!  We can't wait to see you all there. xx

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