Happy Mama’s Day—and an Extra Special One to Our Own <3

It’s the time of year again—the one holiday where we get to celebrate the strongest, most compassionate women on this earth—mothers! While we are enamored with all loving mamas, today we are taking up some space and reserving it for our very own goddess—OUR mama, Kathy Perkins—our literal everything! We think she is pretty damn incredible, and we think she deserves a spotlight—just like every other mama on this planet.

While we wish there was a way to describe our mom in just three words, it’s literally impossible, so here is how we describe our beautiful mother: strong, self-assured, loyal, selfless, funny as all hell, and present! Since we were kids, she’s shown up to EVERYTHING. She’s always been the team mom, the room leader, and she’s done it all with a sense of humor to kill for.

And mom, we know we didn’t make it easy for you, so today and every day, we are more grateful than ever.

She’s Never Backed Down from Anything—Even When She Was Scared for Us.

What many don’t know, though, is that our mom stood by us every second of our lives, even when it was terrifying for her. She was present while her daughters quit their well-paying jobs (that she worked so hard to send us to college for) to start a spray tan business. She might not have been exactly thrilled with our decision, but she did what the greatest mama would do in that position—she showed up. When we couldn’t afford to pay an employee but needed help in the shop, guess who was there? That’s right. MAMA. She baked her famous cookies and delicious treats for our in-store events and even (tried to) work the register just to help make our business successful. We know this couldn’t have been easy, but she believed in us and was our rock even when times were tough!

Her non-belief in complaining and her example of hard work has been passed to us, her lucky daughters, who are now never afraid to get down and dirty to make shit happen.

Mama ALWAYS Knows—And We Really Put Her to the Test!

While our mom might be the funniest chick you’ll ever meet, she’s also a pro at laying down the law! Believe it or not, we had a strict curfew every night—no matter what! We like to think it’s because she was just as wild (if not wilder) when she was our age, so we did our best to respect our boundaries. Of course, for those of you that know us, you KNOW we tried to push the limits, but it wasn’t before long that mama cause onto our crazy antics of staying out too late, sneaking out, and getting into some trouble. As mama says and as we now know as mamas ourselves, “Nothing good happens after midnight.” (Ugh, don’t you hate when mom is always right?!)

We Owe It All to Her.

Speaking of being mamas ourselves, let’s switch gears and think about that for a second. Because of our beautiful mom, Kathy, who showed us so much love and support and has been the brightest light in our lives, we now know our own missions as mothers. As we reflect on what life has been like since stepping into motherhood, we can honestly say that the older and wiser we have gotten, the more we realize just how good we had it. Everything our mother has instilled in us we hope to instill in our own kids so that they can enjoy and love life the way we were able to. And while our family dynamic has changed and will continue to change over the years, one thing we know is that everyone continues to show up—for the little things—for the big things—we are so lucky to have the love that we do.

And as we sit back and think about why mamas are so important, we can’t help but think about all the full-circle moments that have completely evolved our bond with our mother. When chatting about just how incredible motherhood has been, Kasey shared:

I remember being pregnant with my son and realizing...oh my god! This is how my mom felt and still feels about ME. Becoming a mother has opened my eyes to just how selfless and amazing our own mama was (and is). And it's a beautiful thing to get to see the world through this whole new set of eyes. To take what I learned from my own parents, and pass that along to my own children, in my own way. And watch my own kiddos explore and see the magic of the world takes me back to my own childhood all over again. And there's just this humbling gratitude.

The deeper we dive into motherhood, the more beautiful the bond with our mama becomes—stronger, more knowing, more kindred, and with a greater sense of gratitude and love.

So, mom, if you are reading this, thank you for all the sacrifices you have made, for all the love you have given us, for the support you have shown us. We love you more than you’ll ever know, and our hope is to be even a fraction of the woman you are for our own kiddos. (Oh, and thank you for being the greatest grandma to our crazy kids.)
Love, Your little girls forever.



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  • Marla

    That’s a super dedication to you Kathy. You raised some special girls.

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