Brand Spotlight: Ranger Station

We have something to admit... we're in love. Deep deep love with a brand we've recently brought to the shop... Ranger Station. They believe life is meant to be an adventure, and scent makes it an experience. They create bold, long-lasting, ingredient-honest candles and fragrances that we simply cannot get enough of. And the cherry on top? The candles come in reusable cocktail glasses.

The experience of using Ranger Station products is luxurious, but without the cost. They offer their goods at an affordable price point, something we also take great pride in here at salt AND freckles. 

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, this brand has heart and a whole lotta personality. We're big fans. 

At the shop we offer their candles, roll on fragrances, hand soap and lotion. It's a love affair we believe will stand the test of time. 

Shop all Ranger Station here

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