5 Tips for to Prep Yourself for the Ultimate Netflix and Chill

With the uncertainty surrounding our lives lately, you are probably pretty sick of being cooped up in your home. (So are we.) But, our Los Angeles boutique stylists are here to offer you salty babes a few pieces of advice to make your stay-cation fun, relaxing, and just what you need when the world is in chaos. 

1.     Take the World’s Best Moisturizing (Flower Power) Bath

Who says you can’t enjoy a little spa date while you’re in quarantine?! Fill up the tub, toss in our absolute favorite bath salts, add a few droppers of our Rowsie Vain Alchemy Glow Oil, and follow up this glorious combination with amazing dried flowers. Not only will this combination of beauties leave you smelling like the bouquet of your dreams, but your bath will also be beyond IG-worthy (that def deserves a pic)! We suggest lighting the perfect candle to put you into the ultimate state of relaxation.

bath with fruit and flowers

2.     Give Yourself a Quarantini Facial

Just because we aren’t going out for cocktails with the girls doesn’t mean it’s time to lay low on our skincare routines. In fact, we should be treating our pretty little faces nicer than ever! As we are exposed to much more indoor air, we can expect our faces to become a little drier than normal. It’s time to exfoliate with your favorite products, toss on some refreshing toner to balance out the pH levels of your skin, and finish off with a Rowsie Vain perfectly rich moisturizer! When all is said and done, you’ll have the dewiest face around!

Rowsie Vain moisturizer

3.     Try Out a New Effortless Hair Style and Look Cute While Snuggled Up

Let’s face it—there’s no reason to go full-red-carpet-mode when the only plan is to enjoy the comfort of your home. Instead, learn a new effortless hair style to keep you feeling cute (even if you haven’t changed out of your pajamas for days on end). We recommend an effortless box brain! Like the messy look? We love pulling out pieces of our braid for a polished, effortless look!

Girl with French braid

4.     Forget the Full Face—Accentuate Your Features with Just a Light Touch

Getting tired of wearing makeup but feel like you have to have a good reason to wear it? We are with you, babe! We have chosen ourselves as the reason—and you should do that same! Leave the full-face for a night out on the town when things go back to normal. For now, dab on some of your favorite lip gloss over those smoochers, sweep a bit of your favorite blush, and add some simple mascara! You are beachy, cute, and ready to snuggle!

Girl in mirror doing makeup

5.     Choose the Perfect Outfit for a Damn Good Movie Night

The perfect movie night can only happen if you’re cozied up in comfy sweats (accompanied by your favorite snacks)! Lately, we have been wearing the softest Stay Home Sweatpants comboed with our favorite comfy tops! Not only will you feel like a million bucks, but you’ll also take so much comfort in your new favorite lounge outfit that you may just fall into a perfect slumber.

Salt and Freckle's Stay at Home Sweatpants

Netflix and Chill Has Never Felt So Good. Shop Our LA Women’s Boutique

Now that you are mentally prepared for one of the best nights of quarantine, it’s time to prepare yourself with some light shopping! Get the goodies you need to make your Netflix and Chill the night of a lifetime. As always, our Los Angeles boutique is here to make your day and night beautiful.

Shop with us online and have your goodies delivered right to your door or pick up in-store! We can’t wait to see you.


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