5 Steps for Spring-Cleaning Your Closet (So You Can Go Shopping)

5 Steps for Spring-Cleaning Your Closet (So You Can Go Shopping)

With spring season just around the corner and winter clothes slowly seeing their way out of the room, you probably feel in need of a good wardrobe cleanse! That’s right: think of this spring-cleaning mission as a detox—only you don’t have to skip out on calories or give up your favorite bites! Instead, it’s time to take a good hard look at the clothes you’ve spent your hard-earned money on over the year and determine if those same pieces of clothing still speak to you the way they used to.

Of course, spring-cleaning your closet is much easier said than done, which is why we are here. This blog will be your guide to a productive (and hopefully fun) wardrobe cleanse. Follow out 5 steps and get ready for one productive day!

1.    Make an energizing, booty-shakin’ playlist

Cleaning out a closet full of clothes is no mission for the weak! That’s why it is important to get as pumped for this project as you possibly can. So, start with the basics and spend some time compiling your favorite rump-shaking songs to get you through a long day of parting with some of your older fav clothes. We recommend some highly energetic tunes—skip all the relaxing stuff.

2.     Ask yourself if the article of clothing passes the “One Year Test”

First rule of thumb (and one you absolutely cannot break): Put any clothes you haven’t worn within the past year in the “bye-bye pile.” Trust us, you will catch yourself thinking to yourself, “Wow! I forgot I had this. Maybe I will wear it again” or “I feel like I might wear this by the pool this summer.” Let us remind you, if you haven’t worn it all year, you definitely won’t miss it for the next. Just like boys, some clothes are just for a chapter of your life. Time to move on!

3.     Get some organizing goodies

Nothing is more fun that feeling like a REAL, RESPONSIBLE adult. We must admit, adulting is not always fun, but it is when it comes to making more room in your closet. So, now that you have rid your life of some old non-relevant clothing, invest in some fun organizing tools like new hangers, storage bins, shelving units, garment bags, cute shoe boxes, and more. Sometimes, we forget that vertical space is still space. Over time, we have found that a good shelving unit combo-ed with some storage bins is a great way to make more room in an organized manner. Investing in the same hangers throughout your entire closet can also help save horizontal space, making room for more browsing space (or more clothes).

4.     Color-code your closet

Now, get ready for the most fun part of your closet’s transformation. Begin by taking all black clothes and putting them at one end of your closet. Slowly add in the dark greys, then the light greys, and, lastly, all the white hanging clothes. Then, hang all your red clothing and continue working your way through the rainbow until your entire closet is color-coded. We admit, this seems a little OCD, BUT wait until you see how easy it is to choose an outfit now! You may find yourself running late for work and think to yourself, “All I need is a good white tee to bring this outfit together,” and BOOM—your closet is ready to bring you the best. We promise, once you color-code your closet once, it is VERY easy to maintain. (It also helps for when you go shopping. “I don’t NEED this top, but it IS pink, and the pink section of my closet IS small.”)

5.     Donate!

What better way to share some joy than sharing some of your former fav clothes?  That’s why we suggest donating your clothes to those who want it or those who need it most. For us, we start by donating clothes to our closest friends. You know how the old saying goes: “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” It’s true! You might hate that crop top you bought two years ago, but your BFF might have envied you since the day you first got it. Why not give it to her? Of course, your unwanted clothes can always be donated to other places, like Salvation Army and other facilities who give to those in need. As they say, sharing is caring.

You Did It! Treat Yourself to Some Shopping!

Our Los Angeles boutique would like to say CONGRATULATIONS for cleaning up your closet. Now, we suggest treating yourself with a good ol’ fashioned shopping trip to applaud yourself. Obvi, while you are out shopping, stop by Salt and Freckles, your boho boutique in Los Angeles. We cannot wait to see you.

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